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No Ethics In Big Tech, Review of Tech Mis deed Week 3/18/2024

Going forward I will be producing videos and blog posts on a regular basis highlighting the miss deeds and crimes in the Tech Sector. I will try to focus this mostly on Big Tech business practices but I will not limit it. Each blog post will reference links and source of the content in the story.

Big Tech and Social Media Companies continue to shadowban and censor contents and posts across various platforms. Even though they might feel as if they have won the battle when it comes to censorship I will do the best I can to highlight their crimes. I have never visited China or Russia but the level of censorship in the US must be just as bad if not worse. Here social media platforms pretend to give you a voice. Then they shadowban you and make your content invisible. Only providing an illusion of participation and freedom of speech.

At least in authoritarian regimes they put you in jail or kill you and don’t play mind games with algorithmic biases and shadowban. I find that to be more respectable than being at the mercy of Elon Musk the free speech absolutist that blocks speech that he doesn’t like, or Mark Zuckerberg the man running a near monopoly with his social media platforms, or TikTok that troddels my own content between 200 to 300 views for ever post or YouTube with its bullshit algorithms. These platforms alongside the entire tech sector need to be regulated, fined and broken into smaller entities.

Here is the news from this past week!

This past week it was revealed that Elon Musk SpaceX won a 1.8 Billion Dollar Space Satellite Spying Project from US Spy agencies. Elon was so kind as to provide Starlink to the Ukraine War and yet refused to provide Starlink to the Occupied Territory for hospitals and journalists. Elon the Free Speech “Absolutist” is now a full benefactor of spy agencies. How comforting knowing that Elon received $1.9 Billion Dollars to Catch and Kill Twitter from MBS of Saudi Arabia the man responsible for Kashogi’s death and is now has full support of US spy agencies.

Tim Cook of Apple settled a near half a billion dollar lawsuit regarding his comments of Apple IPhone Sales Data in China. A chump change for a company the size of Apple.
Meta has been accused and is under investigation for Illicit Drug Sales. A business vertical reserved for the US CIA (Remember Iran-Contra?)

At SXSW major US tech and music festival in Austin Texas festival attendees booed a video promoting how great AI is!

Nvidia has joined OpenAI in facing lawsuits for training AI on copyrighted work. The AI chipmaker is accused of training its technology on books from a “shadow library”.

Indian government has orders antitrust probe into Google’s app store billing practices

Microsoft and Open AI are sucking the water and electricity dry for its data center needs. See story from Goodyear Arizona!

American Politicians came together in a bipartisan fashion to limit free speech a few months before an election by passing a resolution on banning TikTok! Somehow they believe US tech business owners are more Ethical than foreign owned ones. Riiiiiiight!