This website targets big tech corporations and works to educate the public on the tech industry and its leaders’ inhumane business practices.

Human Rights for Some—Indifference for Others My name is Vahid Razavi. I have been a member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots for the past five years. During this time, my former 501(c)(3) organization, Ethics in Tech, was awarded multiple grants to produce content on behalf of the Campaign by its Steering Committee. With the Campaign’s
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NGO campaigns working in peace and disarmament are plagued by Western-centric and racist structures. The response to Israel's genocide in Gaza by several Western led NGOs, including through discrimination, intimidation and silencing of human rights advocates speaking up for Palestine, exemplifies the deep-rooted prejudice held towards the legitimate views and aspirations of non-white and Global
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As Gaza Burns, Injustice to One is Injustice to All - A Letter to Stop Killer RobotsStatement to call for accountability at Stop Killer Robots following the dismissal of Ousman Noor as Government Relations Manager, and for campaign statement on international law violations in Gaza and need for ceasefire.Dear Steering Committee of Stop Killer Robots,We,
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