This website targets big tech corporations and works to educate the public on the tech industry and its leaders’ inhumane business practices.

Concerned Activists and Hiroshima Bombing Survivor Host Virtual Discussion Night Sunday, August 6 th to Urge Concrete Actions Towards World PeaceEach year, many around the world acknowledge August 6 th as a solemn remembrance of the WWII bomb attack on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We are a collection of activists from the technology, business, and political
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Harmony for Humanity: Uniting for Peace on Hiroshima DayThis year’s theme for No Ethics in Big Tech’s—formerly Ethics In Tech—Hiroshima Day annual commemoration and panel is “Harmony for Humanity: Uniting for Peace on Hiroshima Day.” Our lineup this year includes a diverse mix of speakers and comedians, promising a unique blend of comedy and discussion that
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Let me share my thoughts on the movie Oppenheimer, which I attended on its opening night in Palo Alto at the 7:00 PM showing. As a disabled individual, I was assigned seat E2 and had to sit in the handicapped seat located on top of the theater, as using the stairs was not an option
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