This website targets big tech corporations and works to educate the public on the tech industry and its leaders’ inhumane business practices.

In Pursuit of Peace and Dignity: Navigating Human Rights, Global Politics, and Digital Frontiers on Human Rights Day 2023 "Join us on Human Rights Day 2023 for a poignant exploration of our shared humanity. Amidst the tumult of global conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, this event delves into the relentless assault on human
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The Responsible AI Community in Solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian PeopleAs members of the Responsible AI Community, we believe that technology can serve and uplift society, but only if we are attentive to the harms and devastating impacts emergent from its development and use. We recognize the role of technology deepening and advancing discrimination,
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Concerned Activists and Hiroshima Bombing Survivor Host Virtual Discussion Night Sunday, August 6 th to Urge Concrete Actions Towards World PeaceEach year, many around the world acknowledge August 6 th as a solemn remembrance of the WWII bomb attack on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We are a collection of activists from the technology, business, and political
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